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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smash & Bash! Brawl (Beta)

I have recently finished up my final project for my Master's program.  I took the previous concept of Smash N Bash! and created a new prototype called Smash & Bash! Brawl.  I am still testing out the bugs, but I have added several features to the old prototype to make it its own game.  I may put the box smashing concept in as a bonus level or mini-game in the future.  Below is a link to the game and two videos of game play.

Game Link:

Monday, February 4, 2013

New 2013 Game Dev Demo

Hi everyone.  I posted a new demo that focus on my Unity3D development.  It is located at the top of the home page above my 2011 modeling demo.  I have some big plans for 2013 so make sure to stay tuned to keep up to date and so that you can help support the cause.  I should have a new version of Smash N Bash!, but that will not be until late 2013.  This time around there will be character combat and many more moves.  Plus it will work with a Xbox 360 controller. Until then I will be promoting "Galactic Empires", my exciting new board game that I hope to get on the shelves this year, well maybe next year.  It is on its final phase of testing before it goes public.  I am hoping by the end of the month I will have the downloadable (free) version  ready for your enjoyment.  Until then here is a sneak peak at the game board and pieces:

To finish things off here is the mesh of a new model I am working on, do you recognize the subject?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Body Modeling Worklow

I am finally posting this video in celebration of 34Bit hitting 30,000 views!  So thank you 3D community and of course the power of Google.  The video is a lecture I did for blocking out a character with reference planes.  The video is sped up and there is no audio, but you can see the techniques I used to create the body.  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Various Game Animations

This video showcases some of the animations I have completed while working with Unity.  Each animation was for a different prototype/concept.  I do want to note that the Flick the Frog model was not completed by me but by a colleague of mine.  I did rig, animate, and complete the tongue/stomach area of Flick, but not the base model or the textures.  All the other work is mine: modeling, texturing, rigging, skin/binding, and animation.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smash N Bash! the Game

Finishing up on another quarter at SCAD.  This quarter I took Interactive Design and Media Application and as usually I have been quite on the blog for a little while,... which only means I have been up to no good.  I actually have two new games this quarter coming out of my class.  On is a board game, I will post that up shortly.  But as of now, it is still semi-secret. But for Smash N Bash! you can check it out now.  Really this is just the base concept for a much larger game, but I was successful in creating my own character controller, a combat system, and I had a lot of fun getting the animations to work.  Mainly I will be able to keep working with this concept and build an awesome beat'em up game.

You can download Smash N Bash! here for FREE, both PC and MAC: